Spiritual Life

Masses and Celebrations

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Autumn Term

September Welcome Mass – Yrs 1 to 6- Led by Year 6
October Rosary – Yr1 –Yr6 shared weekly
October Harvest Celebration – Whole School- All teachers to lead
October Year 4 Class Mass – based on The Way, the Truth and the Light topics
November Year 5 Class Mass – based on Remembrance
Whole School to observe silence and share prayers in
November All Saints
December Year 6 Class Mass – based on Advent
December Reconciliation Service – Yrs 3 to 6
December Key Stage 1- Nativity
Key Stage 2 – Advent Service

Spring Term

January Epiphany – F2 – Yr 6 attend service at church
January Welcome Mass – F2 – Yr 6- led by Year 6
February Candlemass –F2 – Yr 6- Led by Year 5
March St Joseph’s
March/April Ash Wednesday Service – Yr1 – Yr6 attend service at church
Father to visit Foundation after service
March/April Mothers Day Assembly
March/April Passover meal
March/April Reconciliation Service – Yrs 3 to 6
March/April Stations of the Cross/Passion –  Contemplation- Yrs 1 to 6

Summer Term

May Ascension
May Rosary – Led by all teachers during break time
May/June Liturgies – in Yrs1-3 based on The Way, the Truth and the Light topics
May/June Class mass- Yrs 4 to 6
June St Peter & St Paul
July Leavers Mass