History Websites

Channel 4’s site packed with information and sources for historical research.

Ancient Greece covers KS2 QCA History Units 14 and 15.

Anglo-Saxons covers KS2 QCA History Unit 6B: An Anglo-Saxon case study.

Children in Victorian Britain covers KS2 QCA History Unit 11.

Children of World War 2 covers KS2 QCA History unit 9.

Did you know? Interactive quiz on Welsh history which is aimed at KS2.

Romans Covers KS2 QCA History Unit 6A:A Roman case study.

Vikings Covers KS2 QCA History Unit 6C: A Viking case study.

Case studies in Unit 6: Romans, Anglo-Saxons and Vikings, Unit 8: Tudors, Unit 11 and 12: Victorians and Unit 13: Changes since 1948

The National Maritime Museums site with links to the Royal Observatory.

The Victoria and Albert Museum better known as The V&A.