School Meals


Menu April 2017 – October 2017


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 Week 3 Served

31st October 2016  7thNovember 2016  14th November 2016
 21st November 2016 28th November 2016 5th December 2016
 12th December 2016 19th December 2016  16th January 2017
5th January 2017 9th January 2017 6th February 2017
 23rd January 2017  30th January 2017  6th March 2017
 20th February 2017  27th February 2017  27th March 2017
 13th March 2017  20th March 2017

School meals are cooked and served on the premises at lunch times. Meals should be paid for daily, weekly or termly in advance. Weekly payment should be made on a Monday; children should bring the money into school in a clearly marked envelope, and hand it into their class teacher.

Please make all dinner money cheques payable to Hertfordshire Catering Ltd

In certain circumstances free school meals are available.  Parents should contact the Office if they think that their children may be entitled to these.

If your child brings a packed lunch we ask you to consider carefully the contents of your child’s lunchbox. It should not include sweets, fizzy drinks or chocolates.